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[Showcase] Tropical/Summer Prontera

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Hi guys. It's been a while! ♥

Some of you may remember that my new years resolution for 2020 was to present the community with a package of 6 (seasonal) Prontera edits. Well, the bad(?) news is that the target of 6 has become 8 (Valentine, Spring, Easter (almost identical to Spring), Summer, Autumn, Halloween, Winter & Christmas). The good news is that all 8 are officially done! In fact, the two remaining themes -- Spring & Summer -- I had in my bin for this year have been finished a few months ago already, but I never found time to showcase them. 

Here's the Tropical/Summer edition. Spring shall be posted somewhere next week. ~ 

Note #1; The spinning Emperium crystals in the center are a custom model created by my dear friend Olrox. I take no credits for the object. ♥
Note #2; The rotating spirits you see on my character are a custom item created by my dear friend Haziel. I take no credits for the sprite. ♥

Lastly, some of you have asked why I've made edits to the old Prontera and not the new/Renewal one. The answer is quite simple; It has been years ago since I started this seasonal Prontera edit project, and the RE Pront didn't even exist at the time (and I simply didn't feel like redoing the ones that I already created). So there's that.  ; p 


My site will be updated with recent additions in two weeks. Until then, feel free to contact me for inquiries. 🙂 

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Added YT links to other versions.
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