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Browedit can't load water textures?


Hey all, so I downloaded the pre-configured 586, 620, and 2.0 from the Browedit discord links, and I'm having trouble opening maps (e.g., prt_fld_01) from my data.grf.

At first 586 and 620 would just close the entire program whenI tried to "open from .grf"

I then ran 586 and 620 in compatibility mode (i'm on win10) and it would open a blank map with one yellow dot. Browedit 2.0 gave me an error that looks the attached image.

I also checked that my .grf is under 2.x gigs and it's only 1.4g.

I get a bunch of errors that looks like "Error: [22:13:43] Error loading texture C:\......clientdata\texture\┐÷┼═\water000.jpg!
gd-jpeg: JPEG library reports unrecoverable error: Not a JPEG file: starts with 0x00 0x00

What's going on here?


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Problem solved.


Neither of the major 2 data files from this link are compatible with Borf's editor. One is too large, and the other doesn't work (see below). I had to download the 2017 data.grf from here. So far everything is working fine.


Best guess is that those "unnecessary files" they removed to make the .grf smaller were, in fact, quite necessary...

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