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Navi: Failed to find a path with custom maps


Hi guys, i'm using navigateto command and i'm stuck in a error. I want to navigate from CustomMapA through CustomMapB to ayo_in01, but i got the message that navi system was unable to find a path. If i try to navi from CustomMapA to CustomMapB, it works. If i try to navi from CustomMapB to ayo_in01, it also works. So, i need a help to know why it doesn't work when i have to get through another map.

This is my navi_map_krpri.lub:

{ "CustomMapA", "Custom Map A", 5003, 60, 60 },
{ "CustomMapB", "Custom Map B", 5003, 400, 400 },

(by the way, what this "5003" parameter should mean?


This is my navi_link_krpri.lub:

{ "CustomMapA", 13506, 200, 99999, "CustomMapA_CustomMapB", "", 31, 2, "CustomMapB", 194, 230 },
{ "CustomMapB", 13506, 200, 99999, "CustomMapB_CustomMapA", "", 194, 234, "CustomMapA", 31, 6 },
{ "ayo_in01", 11932, 200, 99999, "Room_CustomMapB", "", 72, 173, "CustomMapB", 280, 159 },
{ "CustomMapB", 11917, 200, 99999, "CustomMapB_Room", "", 280, 163, "ayo_in01", 76, 173 },

(need help to understand these parameters too)


Is there another file i have to edit?

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