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IP.Blogs - Should they return to our forums?

IP.Blogs - Should they return to our forums?  

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We'd like to hear your thoughts - please select the poll option that best describes how you feel about bringing the blogs back to rAthena.

If they're brought back, there's a possibility that the old blogs from our IPB3.3/4 days several years ago can be imported as they're still stored safely within our forum's database. (I can't say I'm overly excited about seeing some of my own blog posts, but the option is there!)

The poll will close on Tuesday 28th January. If enough people would like them to come back then I'll create a crowdfund project on the forums for them. If not, then we might revisit the subject in another year or two.


Don't ask me why the cost is so high - it just is. See attd.

ss (2020-01-22 at 07.34.09).png

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