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[SHOWCASE] War Arena + Spectator mode + Video

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Hey guys! I'd like to showcase a script I've been busy for a while. Game mechanics is based on RWC. There are quite a lot of stuffs I modified from it tho. Here are the mechanics of the script :

  • Flexible in-game setter :
    • Set the variables via @setwc command by a GM Account.
    • You may set the ff in-game :
      • Players per team
      • Party vs Party or Guild vs Guild
      • No same class / job
      • Register with Party/Guild leader only
      • Points to win
      • Mins per round in-game
      • Map selection ( map rotation / random )
      • item Reward ( enable or disable )
      • Var Reward ( enable or disable )
      • Gepard Check upon registration
      • Announce time when looking for contender
      • Cooldown
  • Spectator modesrc mod ]
    • No chat and skill while spectating.
    • Cannot be hit and cant hit
    • Cannot be seen (same with @hide)
    • Free walk for participants (no cell block)
  • Event Consumable NPC [ Event consumable patch ]
    • I used this update I posted not so long ago.
  • Guild Ranker ( only on GvG Settings )
  • Entrance to and Exit from lobby NPC
  • Healer NPC
  • Repair NPC
  • Storage NPC

Maps used are 2012rwc_01-04 maps since I dont know how to make custom map xD.
Anyways, here is a video on how it work in-game for better understanding.




  • Add registration cooldown after match [ Added ]
  • Add points as reward [ Added ]
  • Disable [Guild Skill] Emergency Call while on Arena [cancelled - Already available in Extended BG's MF_NOECALL ]
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24 minutes ago, spinzaku said:

Very nice! 


PS: I also accept suggestions for improvement of the script 🙂

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