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I've been an avid fan of Ragnarok Online ever since I was little. In fact, this was my very first online game to be exposed of in the world of gaming. Ever since I migrated from one place to another, my love for it never ceased. I would try to invite my friends, convince them to play, and would even sacrifice my time to help them level. I would even try to dig deep on the mechanics and would try to know why NPCs work, why this item works, why our characters can summon a skill and anything under the sun. In fact, Ragnarok Online has sparked my interests in programming (too bad I never took computer programming in college.). I decided to take a big huge step and started to search for communities that would help a newbie like me to be exposed in the world of RO Development. I discovered rAthena (I, too, discovered eAthena earlier too but I was too young to comprehend any of them.), I decided to know more about Ragnarok and finally made my own LAN server. But of course, before I finally made my own LAN server, I experienced being a Game Master by lying to the admin that I had some experience handling a server. (LMFAO they soon found out and surprised that I did not get kicked. In fact they would tell me to just focus on my work. They're the best.)

My desire to run a server even sparked greater than before once I made my own custom script. But it never went well as anxiety and negative expectations have drowned me over. It stopped me and I just focused on discovering things - making scripts (I'm not even that good yet but at least I tried. Hehe), events, instances, etc. and would even work for free to the people I met. I would offer my services like create their Wiki, moderate their forums and in-game and I would even walk a mile or two just to help their server. It was fun and I got a lot of experience. It was sure fun and I would pay anything to go back to those days with my current knowledge about this game.

But then all good things must come to an end. I stopped. Maybe because it's the fact that everytime I try to explore old and dead Ragnarok servers, their forums, pictures, stories, comments on Facebook, Twitter, etc., I see their community being whole and united, whilst the current community is greatly divided by thousands of servers? Or maybe of the fact that people change, interests shift and games evolve? Or maybe my love for it disappeared? Or maybe because of the fact that whenever I hover most user's profile, I see "More than 365 days" Last Online or at least them not being online for a month or three? I know and I always believe that Ragnarok is not dying. Yet. But the fact that as the new generation comes in, the echos of our love for our Ragnarok disappears.

I've had a fair run, I had a lot of fun. But I'd surely miss sitting around the towns listening to their golden BGMs. Chatting with friends, socializing. But to be honest, whenever I "quit" playing, making scripts or etc., once I hear that god damn any BGM from Ragnarok or see any graphics that's similar with the game, I keep running back to it. It's a curse at the same time a blessing. But guess what? It's a good run.

(I'm not quitting, I'm just being sentimental. I'll turn the notifications off because I swear to God that people would come to me and shoot me over. I just want your thoughts. P.S. I'm working on a quest script, much like the Nameless Island quest. Hope it goes well.)

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