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December 2018 + January 2019 Digest

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December Digest 2018
The following digest covers the month of December 2018.


Staff Changes:

  • None

Development Highlights:

  • CORE:
    • Fixed possible string out of bounds in configurations (9dbd3cb)
    • Corrected White Imprison and reflected damage (40a4edc4)
    • Corrected vector issue (2f5e1203)
    • Fixed Renewal bBaseAtk readparam returning wrong value (32c68c73)
    • Fixed clearing of sp_vanish_race (4cff45b8)
    • Fixed missing login date for guild members (18f9574a)
    • Fixed Skill Damage Database parsing (2d4a5949)
    • Fixed pre-renewal atk (e8a7daec)
    • Fixed homunculus auto feed for broken luas (9183a54a)
    • Fixed SU_GROOMING while being frozen (7fa903ce)
    • Fixed CN Meteor and Lunatic Carrot Beat damage (faee0cde)
    • Fixed zero termination for bg messages (742232d5)
    • Corrected some Summoner skills (570c07d5)
    • Removed deprecated SI constants from src (e3dd6238)
    • Fixed wrong replacements of CD_CURRENT_ECONOMY (732059ac)
    • Unified infinite tick usage (016d15b7)
    • Corrected AutospellOnSkill (75aef6a5)
    • Fixed autobonus removal (fb81e2d7)
    • Switched supported client to Ragexe (ec3b7077)
    • Fixed unknown map in character select (1c987de7)
    • Added support for viewpointvalue command (49444912)
    • Corrected some statuses and Mado Gear interaction (0d816975)
    • Added support for 64bit ticks (01f61cfa, 46138645)
    • Added a missing check to TK_HIGHJUMP (63bfd611)
    • Fixed reloadmobdb status calculation (8e58f2ce)
    • Initial Release of Equipment Switch (818ff109, f5f377a7)
    • Updated Lasagna Boss spawn (9f24814a)
    • Changed equippable jobs for some items in pre-re/item_db.txt (93cf1881)
    • Changed Thanatos gears to Thanos in item_db.txt (f5b546d6)
    • Corrected job mask of some items (818f35ab)
    • Ghost Palace instance NPC name fixes (b87a1758)
    • Fixed Taekwon Jobchanger Location (200b55e0)
    • Fixed a documentation typo for bDropAddClass (9f880768)
    • Disabled iterator sanity checks on VS (7c271d7e)
    • Added epoll support on linux (eb2e40c3)


List of Contributors:

@4144, @admkakaroto, @aleos89, @Atemo, @AzarthMZintos, @Balferian, @Encon21, @Everade, @exneval, @Haikenz,  @laziem, @Lemongrass3310, @MathReaper, @mrjnumber1, @nubspixel, @Playtester, @RadianFord, @reunite-ro, @Rolfxx, @secretdataz, @teededung, @Tokeiburu, @vstumpf, @whupdo, @yoonjunho72, @zackdreaver




January Digest 2019
The following digest covers the month of January 2019


Staff Changes:

  • None

Development Highlights:

  • CORE:
    • Fixed Full Blast delay on attack and using items (4ec0c010)
    • Corrected item bonus FixedCastRate (59593652)
    • Fixed Reflect Damage not reflecting damage (7282dd87)
    • Adjusted reload item database (444d7394)
    • Refactored achievement conditions (4706115d)
    • Fixed points command using negative numbers (6c1d1a84)
    • Fixed a few more leftovers from 64bit tick (a5fc39e0)
    • Corrected skills that give bonuses while sitting (b1865b31)
    • Fixed CDP not failing when haven't met the requirements (a9f868f8)
    • Corrected a few potential crash points (6c864927)
    • Fixed a crash from MVP Ladder Warper (db3267a8)
    • Updated Quagmire status removal list (626c2b7f)
    • Disconnect player on map-server switch failure (19eef173c)
    • Corrected status attack's element (298cfefd2)
    • Corrected Honor Token weight (246dd2aa)
    • Corrected Faceworm Larva Card bonus (1d0a2238)
    • Corrected Cat Ear Beret bonus (6c6baff1)
    • Fixed Costume Pocketwatch Hair Ornament location (394b16b8)
    • Corrected Palace Guard Cap bonus (24c121b7)
    • Added missing Costume Flying Galapago (f49c68f7)
    • Fixed duration for items 12274 and 12275 (39906dac2)
    • Corrected Shadow Staff script error (8839fe95)
    • Corrected Owl Viscount Silk Hat script error (ec305337)
    • Fixed pre-re Barricade HP value (d5ca1c73)
    • Corrected Card/Enchant Combos (6bea2da3)
    • Item db update (9cd9cab2)
    • Update re/item_trade.txt based on itemmoveinfov5 (54b2cf32)
    • Corrected Sarah's Battle Robe bonus (9d272f8f)
    • Corrected Sling Item bonuses (fe12d6f0)
    • Added Clothing Effect Removal Service (8ed8fd1a)
    • Change Magic Gear Master NPC name to Mado Gear Armourer for Renter Merchants (02c69f64)
    • Added new Rebellion Shops (f3bb7e4b)
    • Fixed wrong exp values on 13.1 and 13.2 quests and other minor fixes (c96671fc)
    • Removed noicewall mapflag from several instance maps (79dffbd7)
    • Updated OnTouch Royal messenger NPC (53498865)
    • Updated NPC locations according client's navi file (b1b9720f)
    • Fixed variable typo in agit_main_se.txt (43b3bc08)
    • Fixed Hunting Missions (ad960e47)
    • Allow increasing connection limit on linux (8ae788b6)
    • Add missing unit type documentation (de70e498)
    • Added MS support for the function macro (e415e642)
    • Changed skip into error (de8c707f)


List of Contributors:

@aleos89, @Angelic234, @Atemo, @attackjom, @Badarosk0, @Balferian, @bgamez23, @BrOgBr, @cydh, @Daegaladh, @danielbernard, @darhylism, @Everade, @Indigo000, @Kezzo, @laziem, @Lemongrass3110, @LunarSHINING, @mrjnumber1, @Normynator, @nubspixel, @RadianFord, @rAthenaCN, @sigtus, @teededung, @Tokeiburu, @zackdreaver

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