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Item not working on certain maps


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I don't know where to check but some items with effects is not working on towns with restricted 4 mapflags.

Example if a costume has this script.

{},{ sc_start SC_STRANGELIGHTS,-1,0; },{ sc_end SC_STRANGELIGHTS; } 

the strangelight effect is getting disabled on that map.  The costume effect cease to function immediately.

Another thing not working is for example an item like the transformation candy that allow you to transform into a monster. It doesn't work on map with restricted 4.

transform 1507,600000,SC_MTF_MHP,1000; },{},{}

Is there anyone who could give me idea on how I could enable these items without removing the restricted mapflag? Because I tried looking in item noequip.txt but they aren't there... and I don't know which skill to look on skill nocast.txt


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we aren't using that mapflag.  > <

Also I am sorry for my bad english. The costume is not totally disabled.. only the additional special effect like the strangelight.

Additionally I noticed that it wasn't working on all GVG and pvp maps.. I think this type of items are automatically disabled on GVG and PVP maps and I don't know how to enable them.

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