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Homunculus HP/SP problem


Hi, every time I relog, homunculus HP and SP are fully restored.

After review int_homun.c , I realized that all values are loaded and set to the homun (Lvl, Name, Stats, etc...) but hd->hp and hd->sp are not updating the value ingame.

On database, homunculus table values are:

HP: 5000
MAX HP: 10000;
SP: 100
MAX SP: 500;

int_homun.c fragment of atois after sql query

Sql_GetData(sql_handle, 15, &data, NULL); hd->hp = atoi(data);
Sql_GetData(sql_handle, 16, &data, NULL); hd->max_hp = atoi(data);
Sql_GetData(sql_handle, 17, &data, NULL); hd->sp = atoi(data);
Sql_GetData(sql_handle, 18, &data, NULL); hd->max_sp = atoi(data);

And to verify the values:

ShowInfo("Homunculus loaded (HP: %d / MHP: %d - SP: %d / MSP: %d).\n", hd->hp, hd->max_hp, hd->sp, hd->max_sp);

Prints: Homunculus loaded (HP: 5000 / MHP: 10000 - SP: 100 / MSP: 500).

So, data is being loaded, but is not being applied.
Any help will be appreciated.


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