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September Digest 2018

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September Digest 2018
The following digest covers the month of September 2018.


Staff Changes:

  • None

Development Highlights:

  • CORE:
    • Cleaned up map property functions (048de6c9)
    • Updated mob_drop parsing (386ee355)
    • Follow up to atcommand identifyall (d7d012c5)
    • Resolved Dynamic Mobs issue (618fc37e)
    • Implemented official ammo equip behavior (d3d8f3c5)
    • Corrected some weapon bonuses (d17ddf41)
    • Corrected a check for skill usage restrictions (e6e0511c)
    • Updated documentation typo error (3cd77173)
    • Cleaned up Banding behavior (0d773983)
    • EDP renewal change (a12f1ce0)
    • Cleaned up equipment stripping skills (f0dfdf92)
    • Corrected Critical bonuses (147e8da2)
    • Corrected Union of the Sun Moon and Stars HP cost (8fc79033)
    • Corrected Taekwon Mission mob generator (7040057a)
    • Updated Item Sell checks (3e1105b0)
    • Updated default items's items script of attendance.yml (82171c58)
    • Corrected Kimi Possession combo set (71b8cbe1)
    • Implemented items from ep16_2 (kRO 2016.03.09 and 2017.06.21) (32b19904)
    • Updated map_msg_por.conf (c4cb25b6)
    • Updates inf3 in skill_db (b614092b)
    • Adjusted playtime check in Eden Quest script (ee6009ff)
    • Clean-up HTF instance and fixed a quest warning (9780b461)
    • Fixed some error and warning in the NPC sample folder (ca83d352)
    • Autopot script improvement (b7ba7fe5)
    • Changed "Royal Errand Boy" to "Royal Messenger" in quests_16_1.txt (f16fc6c5)
    • Minor correction in documentation (7d546d37)
    • Corrected some GCC 7.1+ compile warnings (926e37cb)


  • Excluding merges, 9 authors have pushed 27 commits to master and 53 commits to all branches.
  • On master, 47 files have changed and there have been 1,416 additions and 672 deletions.
  • 28 Active Pull Requests
  • 49 Active Issues
  • 19 Merged Pull Requests
  • 9 Proposed Pull Requests
  • 26 Closed Issues
  • 23 New Issues

List of Contributors:

@admkakaroto, @aleos89, @Atemo, @AzarthMZintos, @benching, @cydh, @Everade, @exneval, @JMahiro, @keitenai, @kukuasir, @laziem, @Lemongrass3110, @Litro, @mrjnumber1, @RadianFord, @sader1992, @secretdataz, @teededung, @Tokeiburu, @zackdreaver


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