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How to get responses from NPC interactions(menus, next, close)


Hi, long time no see. Here I am again having some free time but now, only for leisure purposes and maybe help out on anything I can.

I've search the forums and didn't find anything related. I am stuck with one problem, I am trying to learn how to catch responses from menus generated via source.

I know it's easy to do this via script and I've done a lot of them but I'm stuck on figuring out how to handle PC responses from source.

Below is a snippet of my code that I'm trying to play with.


// Copyright (c) rAthena Dev Teams - Licensed under GNU GPL
// For more information, see LICENCE in the main folder

#include "..\map\clif.hpp"
#include "..\map\script.hpp"
#include "..\common\socket.hpp"
#include "..\common\malloc.hpp"
#include "..\common\strlib.hpp"

void test_skill_inc(struct map_session_data *sd){
	struct s_packet_db* info = &packet_db[RFIFOW(sd->fd,0)];
	if(sd->npc_id == 0){
		//create and display the menu
		char* menu;
		menu = "this:is:a:test";
		clif_scriptmenu(sd, -1, menu);
	} else {
		uint8 select = RFIFOB(sd->fd,info->pos[1]);
		//parse response
		case 1:
			clif_scriptmes(sd, sd->npc_id, "chose this");
		case 2:
			clif_scriptmes(sd, sd->npc_id, "chose is");
		case 3:
			clif_scriptmes(sd, sd->npc_id, "chose a");
		case 4:
			clif_scriptmes(sd, sd->npc_id, "chose test");
		clif_scriptclose(sd, sd->npc_id);


#include "../custom/skill.inc"
int skill_castend_nodamage_id(...)
		{	//Prevent vending of GMs with unnecessary Level to trade/drop. [Skotlex]
			if ( !pc_can_give_items(sd) )
			else {

My aim is to pop up a menu - in this case, "this," "is," "a," "test" - when the vending skill(or generally any skill) is pressed then creates a message window that contains the chosen item from the menu.

Will be grateful for the help 🙂 thanks.


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