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Guild Gold Room/Dungeon


Posted (edited)

Hi i'd like to ask on how to get the Guild Owners?

I think its via SqL since the Woe Reward Script under Euphy's Script fetches it via SQL.

I wish to insert it on this code wherein only Guild Castle Owners and GM's can enter the said room.

i think i would be using this lines to do that?

 if ( agitcheck() )
 if ( getcastledata( "CASTLE", 1) != getcharid(2) )
 if ( getguildmasterid( getcharid(2) ) != getcharid(0) )

Would be glad if someone can offer assistance thanks!

Heres my code below

-	script	PrivateGoldRoom	-1,{


                makeitem 969, 5, "[email protected]", rand(62, 75),rand(77,75);
                makeitem 969, 2, "[email protected]", rand(62, 68),rand(77,68);
                makeitem 969, 2, "[email protected]", rand(62, 60),rand(77,60);
                makeitem 969, 2, "[email protected]", rand(71, 67),rand(71,63);
                makeitem 969, 2, "[email protected]", rand(78, 59),rand(69,58);
                makeitem 969, 5, "[email protected]", rand(76, 73),rand(81,68);
                makeitem 969, 5, "[email protected]", rand(63, 74),rand(76,76);
                makeitem 969, 2, "[email protected]", rand(63, 67),rand(76,69);
                makeitem 969, 2, "[email protected]", rand(63, 59),rand(76,61);
                makeitem 969, 2, "[email protected]", rand(72, 66),rand(70,64);
                makeitem 969, 2, "[email protected]", rand(79, 58),rand(68,59);
                makeitem 969, 5, "[email protected]", rand(77, 72),rand(80,69);
		makeitem 607, 5, "[email protected]", rand(62, 75),rand(77,75);
                makeitem 607, 2, "[email protected]", rand(62, 68),rand(77,68);
                makeitem 607, 2, "[email protected]", rand(62, 60),rand(77,60);
                makeitem 607, 2, "[email protected]", rand(71, 67),rand(71,63);
                makeitem 607, 2, "[email protected]", rand(78, 59),rand(69,58);
                makeitem 607, 5, "[email protected]", rand(76, 73),rand(81,68);







[email protected],70,90,4	script	Exit	664,{
	warp "dicastes01",255,158;

dicastes01,248,158,4	script	Guild Gold Room	691,{

	set .GMAccess,99;		// GM level required to access Session Manager.

	mes "Would you like to go to the gold room?";

	if(select("Yes", "No") == 1) {

        warp "[email protected]", 0, 0;



disablenpc "Guild Gold Room";

waitingroom	"Guild Gold Room",0;
enablenpc "Guild Gold Room";
announce "The Guild Gold Room Warper has Appeared!",0;
sleep 3000;
announce "The Gold Haven is now Opened for the Castle Winner!",0;
sleep 3000;
announce "Guild Winners will be able to enter the Gold Haven From 11PM till 12AM",0;
disablenpc "Guild Gold Room";
announce "The Gate to Gold Haven is now Closed!",0;
sleep 1000;
announce "Only Guild Castle Winners are allowed to enter Gold Haven! Be sure to win the next War of Emperium!",0;

[email protected]	mapflag	nobranch
[email protected]	mapflag	pvp	off
[email protected]	mapflag	noskill
[email protected]	mapflag	nowarp


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