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New Shop type


What I'm requesting is a mixture of the current marketshop type and the itemshop type;

 - Itemshop is a type of shop that allows you to sell items for a singular item cost such as a Poring Coin Shop

- Marketshop is a type of shop that allows you to sell a limited number of items to players for zeny cost.


I'm wanting the ability for a marketshop style shop npc but with the ability for an item cost

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Sorry to revive such an old post, but i've been trying to achieve exactly this, made some source modifications but no success.

Although this can be "easily" achieved with scripts (example dynamic shop npc), the shop window still displays Zeny and Z as currency, we can of course change messages to warn the player the don't have enough "item" for pay for the item, but the "standard" buy behaviour of the marketshop needs to be redone by OnBuyItem event, where we have to npcshopdelitem to remove them (Cannot set 0 as stock amount) so it leads to an error (console only) when out of stock all items.

It would be great and usefull to have a default marketshop where "item" can be used as currency, and if it's possible to display it on the price (1,000 PC [Poring Coins]) it'll be fantastic.

So please, review this suggestion, I believe it's really usefull.

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