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Hey guys!

In an attempt to help both rAthena and it's users, we've come up with a nice little file hosting package to alleviate bandwidth issues on your current webhost/VPS. This can be found in the Nav menu under "Supporting rA" -> "Store"

Each package comes with 5GB of space and 100GB bandwidth, so there's plenty of room for your full installer, lite installer, separate BGM downloads, Guild Emblem pack, patch files, additional WAVs, backup space etc etc etc.

This package is designed specifically to help users host their files, not their websites. FTP access is granted along with cPanel access to use the File Manager incase users find this easier to use than direct FTP. No databases are included and emails are disabled. Domain access is granted via a subdomain.

The package costs $6 for an entire year and rAthena keeps 100% of this income to aid in general outgoings. This is an old host that rAthena no longer uses, so we're putting it to good use!

Usernames and passwords are generated automatically and can be found (along with any links you need) under Manage Purchases in the Nav bar



You'll see a page like this that will display all the info you need



Normal cPanel is used to control your package


If you have any problems or queries with this product, you can use the "Get Support" button and the forum will handle your support request. Questions like "I can't install FluxCP" will be met with a scathing response.


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