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About GRF


Hi, i want to ask about grf
Is there any application/software that make grf secure or encrypted and it can't be open by GRF TOOL/EDITOR?? (anything except grf secure)


i aalready encrypt the GRF, but it still can be extract/open by GRF EDITOR, i dont try using GRF TOOL, because i think its same ways


i really appreciate if there is anybody answer this to make my server free of bots , because im use antibot that using picture in GRF :)


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you need to set a key inside the grf before you add any files to it. make sure you encrypt the grf btw. not the data folder inside grf editor.


Set a key->save the key(suggested if you make a complicated password)->add the files to the grf->encrypt the grf->save the grf.


you won't be able to extract anyfiles out of until they type in the password. however they can still open it.

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UPDATED : now i using "Advanced GRF Tool Suite " Application, it can encrypt grf, but only encrypt grf that include text base file's only
i tried to encrypt picture in my grf and the picture files error/not shows in game (since im using antibot script that use picture method)


i encrypt with this application n open it with grf editor/tool that shows error^^ that mean it can't be open in grf tool/editor^^

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