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Find third-party developers for custom development of your rAthena server

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Akkarin's Web Development and Scripting Support Service!

Available Services

  • Scripting
  • WebDev
  • GeneralConfigs
  • FluxDev

About My Services

I should firstly preface a few things:

  • I do not offer, and will not offer hosting packages of any kind.
  • I do not overhaul old code.
  • I do not ask for payment upfront.

Why? Well, the past has been a bumpy road, so to avoid any of that in the future, certain stipulations have to be made. Due to daily-life commitments, I don't accept large projects.


What do I offer? I offer FluxCP Services; creating addons, themes, code-snippets and integrations.


Basic Theming

The themes I design are simple, they're mobile responsive (most of them) and they're easy to modify.

My Themes available through rAthena: 


Rips from websites that I've turned into FluxCP Themes:


Essentially, if you have a design that is html code, I can turn it into a FluxCP Theme for you.

Pricing for themes start at:

  • Fully custom design: $400
  • Basic design: $40
  • Integrate code to available html: $40
  • Ripping another site to create a theme: $40


Addons & Integrations

If you're looking for an addon or some kind of integration, I'm happy to discuss this over Discord DM or Forum PM.

Pricing starts at $10.


Scripting Service

If you're looking for a fully fledged system that does X, Y  and Z and integrates with This and That, I'm not the developer you're looking for. 

With that said, I'm still happy to discuss any scripting requirements via Discord DM or Forum PM.


Server Management

If you're looking for a developer who is able to run maintenance on your Linux/Windows server, then maybe I can help you put a process in place to help automate it. If you're looking for a developer to help manage your server's infrastructure, then I can help.



  • My methods of communication are via rAthena Forum PM or Discord DM only.
  • Payment is not required until I've showed you the finished result.
  • Tweaks afterwards can be made without charge, however, if the change requests are coming think and heavy, then I won't be doing it for free.
  • Don't be offended if I decline your request. It's usually because I know I won't have the time necessary to complete the work. (I have failed at this before..)
  • Payment is made through the rAthena forums - I do not accept personal direct payments (this is to rebalance the lack of forum crowdfunding).

Any questions, feel free to shoot me a message via rAthena or via Discord.


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