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  1. I need some help about translation. I use thai lang and seem like font not support.
  2. this problem is fixed. I got a new problem. I want to use 2021-01-07aRagexeRE.exe to support to kRO_FullClient_20210406. How to config enable /disable on Nemo?
  3. How to diff option to compare 2021-01-07aRagexeRE.exe with kRO Full Client - 2021-04-06
  4. I try to login wrong password is have massage please check ID/Pass but i try to use correct ID/PASS can login but can't pass to select character. I want to know how to setting up ip on Windows VPS I'm config ip on conf/import/char_conf userid: username passwd: password char_ip: 203.159.94.xxx login_ip: conf/import/inter_conf login_server_db: rathena ipban_db_db: rathena char_server_db: rathena map_server_db: rathena log_db_db: rathena_logs conf/import/map_conf userid: username passwd: password char_ip: map_ip: 203.159.94.xxx conf/char_athena login_ip: char_ip: 203.159.94.xxx conf/map_athena char_ip: map_ip: 203.159.94.xxx
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