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  1. [DISCLAIMER: We have no website available yet, we are in the planning and organization phase of the server as of now.] Hello, we are looking for an RO developer with significant experience on LUA programming language. We are a team of RO players aspiring to create a high-rate Ragnarok Online server. Client Version: 2018 Rates: 5k/5k Drop Rate: 1k Equip Drop: 1k Normal Card Drop: 2500 Mini Boss: 1500 MvP Card Drop: 500 Level Cap: 255/120 Maps: PK-disabled Max Stat: 255 Max ASPD: 195 Weapons: 4 Shields: 1 Accessories: 1 Armors: 2 Headgears: 1 Garments: 1 Shoes: 2 We are looking for someone who can work under pressure, with proper communication skills, expert knowledge on the game itself and a team-player. English language is a plus. We are aiming for an international RO server that will last long-term, where players of all ethnicity and race are welcome and a server that encourages a non-toxic community. If you are what we're looking for, feel free to send me a PM or an e-mail to [email protected] Salary to be decided upon interview.
  2. At the end of each WoE it announces - the owner of the castle - most kills from a guild - longest defending guild.
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