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  1. Hello everyone, I am coming to you because I am in the process of making a server with no transfer of my maps files etc. The problem esque I was on a 3Ceam version and therefore now I find myself with a Full English server for a French community. So I come to you to see if there was a patch or a functional translation to switch my server from English to French ^^ ' Thx for you help. P.S Sorry if it's not in the right section ^^ '
  2. Hello, I would like to revive my youth server Being younger I had created a server, which since then life took its course and I no longer play ragnarok. watching videos it's time if I really want to revive my server to be able to play it with friends, the problem is that I lost all the base of the server development ragnarok ^^ ' So I'm looking for someone to help me get my server back on its feet (update, add content, launcher, etc.) Obviously all work deserves salary so we will talk about it without worry ^^ Here I hope to have been clear ^^ Good evening to all My Discord for contact: DaizReal#3315
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