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  1. I am pretty much out of ideas. You are probably hosting this on Windows so maybe try turning off your firewall.
  2. From your last reply it looked like you only changed the positions of rdata.grf and data.grf and still had new.grf on the 3rd position. Just to be completely sure - new.grf has to be at the top position (0 or 1) rdata.grf has to come before data.grf like that it should always work.
  3. I think they still sell it for servers with the feature of downloading and patching the client.
  4. Did your DATA.ini look like: 0=new.grf 1=rdata.grf 2=data.grf ? did you try renaming your clientinfo.xml in your new.grf to sclientinfo.xml ?
  5. It seems that your clientinfo.xml is not being read. Try making a new empty grf with your clientinfo.xml and put it as first in your DATA.ini. Another possibility is that you are using RagexeRE which reads sclientinfo.xml (which is the same as clientinfo.xml) instead of clientinfo.xml.
  6. From what I know from trying it. The free version of Andro only runs the client but doesn't download it. btw. you need to have your packetver as the version in clientinfo.xml for Andro to work.
  7. Hi, I am trying to get ROExt working with 20200326 client. I tried importing dinput.dll using NEMO patcher (and even dinput8.dll) none of them worked. I tried using it with OpenSetup. I tried changing extension from dll to asi which I remember working some time ago. I need it mainly because of the codepage override feature. Thank you for your help. Edit: I solved it by using RagexeRE and renaming dinput8.dll to dinput8.asi (works with dinput.dll too). Sorry I thought that normal Ragexe would load it too.
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