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  1. Discord server link is on the main post! At the moment is just me though but I believe we can make a community out of it and make the platform optional to use rather than FluxCP
  2. Discord channel is on the way! We are still setting up the channels and other stuffs
  3. Hello everyone, Updated changes on the platform from below spoilers: Changelog v1.0.0 - Date: 01/14/2021 Changelog v1.0.1 - Date: 01/16/2021 Details: PHP Framework Laravel 8.x. HTML5, Javascript with jQuery, CSS3 for theme templating. Bootstrap 5 Framework Responsive & Mobile Friendly PHP 7.4 required (and other Laravel dependencies). Clean Design SEO Friendly Feature Plan - Player Dashboard: Account Feature (Register, Login, Forgot Password, Account Setting) Donate system (paypal and skrill ready) News & Events Ticket support system(WIP) GM Task List Item Shop Feature Plan - Admin Dashboard: Ban Module System (ban or unban from the platform) Manage Item Cash Shop (Fully working with lastest rathena item_cash_db table) CMS Latest Donation (You can see the amount and account who made the donation) Ticket Support System (WIP) Theme configuration (We are still debating if this should be a thing. since you just need a bit of html and css knowledge to edit front page). We are also open to suggestions and idea. We are not gonna abandon the project anytime soon and we would like to have people to test and make us fix backdoors that could appear to make the system more secure. As a matter of fact, we are developing our rathena renewal server in order to test this new platform!. Sorry for the spoiler if it's too big I'm not really used to forums now days.... Also sorry for any grammar mistakes. English is not really my first language Edit: Clic on this Discord Server to access our server. At the moment is just me and no body else, but I believe we can make a good community out of it! Edit #2 : All new updates about the platform will be posted only on discord. This is to prevent more text wall and some other issues it might bring. Edit #3 : Screen Previews are all within discord server.
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