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  1. I get a similar issue when warping to Morocc/Comodo using the exact same client version. PM me and lets see if there's anything unique about these maps for us.
  2. My player base is growing faster than I can manage them and I'm currently under-staffed in multiple projects. Looking for Multiple Staff to manage discord, and basic game support and trouble tickets. Ragnarok Roleplay is very different from most Ragnarok Online servers, as our focus is on the roleplay element. We expect to launch in late February 2021. I highly encourage you to come find me on discord, read about our server. I welcome new and unexperienced DMs if you are open to this new server style. I hope you'll come join us! https://discord.gg/mXjzqw4f4P www.ragnarok-rp.com Minuvas#3978 Thanks
  3. This is very early in the brainstorming process Looking to put together a team of content developers, scripters, and like minded individuals to build a roleplay server that can host a potential community of 70+ based on the base Ragnarok Online game with Hercules or Athena emulator with custom lore.I distinctly need help with helping to modify the current base game that would add custom NPCs, scripts, and tools that would make the game more friendly to a Dungeon Master and players in a custom universe. I do not expect a total makeover of the current game, but adaptations.  Where professional work is involved, I am willing to financially support 2d artists, scripters, and coders. I of course also welcome free-lance volunteers who want to take it on as a hobby, or build experience for free. If this might interest you, or you have info that you think your script/plugin/knowledge might help - please message me! Thanks, Minuvas
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