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  1. 1st make a custom box if you want box in this example i use egg scroll in your db/import/item_db.yml - Id: 12654 AegisName: Lucky_Egg_C9 Name: Lucky Egg C9 Type: Usable Buy: 20 Weight: 10 Flags: Container: true Trade: Override: 100 NoDrop: true NoTrade: true NoSell: true NoCart: true NoGuildStorage: true NoMail: true NoAuction: true Script: | getitem callfunc("F_Rand",14003,12221,12208,14592,12210,12211,7621,7776),1; 2nd in your db/item_db.yml.txt 12654,Lucky_Egg_C9,Lucky Egg C9,2,20,,10,,,,,0xFFFFFFFF,63,2,,,,,,{ getgroupitem(IG_Lucky_Egg_C9); },{},{}
  2. try checking your conf/motd.txt
  3. check your\conf\import char_conf.txt inter_conf.txt map_conf.txt check the user and password also the db if its match in the database
  4. hello try this commands 1. "scl enable devtoolset-7 bash" 2. "./configure" 3. "make clean" 4. "make server"
  5. hello thanks but where in the script exactly can i put this
  6. can you elaborate more or do an example
  7. hello i want to disable hourly points in characters who are in autotrade mode can anyone had an idea to do it thanks in advance heres the Script:
  8. always thanks to you sir @Emistry
  9. /conf/login_athena find this line: // Required account group id to connect to server. // -1: disabled // 0 or more: group id group_id_to_connect: -1 change: group_id_to_connect: -1 to : group_id_to_connect: 99 only gm 99 can login ,save then restart your server
  10. i think you dont need to check for item count because you already have the script for weight check so if ithe item counts will exceed in weight it will already detect it
  11. Utility: @AnalyzeItem count item in your server - Utility Script Releases - rAthena
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