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  1. They're beautiful! I wonder, is there a social casino game that lets people wander around like in Ragnarok? I'm kinda lonely in lucky slots.
  2. Entire album of K/DA All Out songs. Who would've thought Riot Games would go down the music production path?
  3. ShingTsui

    This or That?

    Is this forum dead? I can't see anything. Turning pages results to nothing.
  4. Has this been solved? It's been nearly a month since it was last talked about. I'm having the same problem, too.
  5. Oh, you mean in forums. Yes I will because I know people just treat forums the same way they do with search engines. Even if they didn't leave any form of appreciation, others with the same problem would search their query and find their way to this forum and find my answer. Any questions you answer publicly can help more than one person and that thought is kinda flattering for me.
  6. It may be better to contact active members through the discord. The website's been getting slow lately.
  7. Try adding some dark, but still see through, panels behind the areas with text because it's a little hard to read even with the blurred background. Oterwise, the layout looks nice. You might also want to leave a 0.5in margine from the left and right sides to keep the text and thumnails framed at the centre. The part with the ranking is great. No need to affect that with the margin I suggested.
  8. Wow! Thanks for this detailed instruction. Been having a difficult time in navigating. Also, thanks for the added links! Will definitely check all of this out. Hope you'll post more tutorials like this! It has been a really big help especially to those who are not really familiar with this.
  9. Actually, thanks for starting this thread. Also been looking for someone to help me with the same problem haha! Well, thanks for those who replied in this thread. Already have an idea on how to do it. Will definitely try this during my free time. Thanks for this thread again!
  10. I loved the updates! I hope a lot of people also did. I mean it was really nice for me so I won't understand why people will not like it.
  11. I hope you tried to reconnect to the site on some other time. I also experienced some times where registration did not work. I just refreshed and tried again and somehow it worked for me. I hope it's okay for you too.
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