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  1. hello good to everyone, does anyone know how I can create a chatroom that times the remaining time for woe starts? thank you!
  2. sacrox


    Hello everyone! Does anyone know what is the way or the command so that the Mvps do not have the ability to fly? Is that possible friends? Thank you very much to all family :D
  3. Hello good, I've been trying for a long time to put a script so that I get the current time that I need to start the woe, I have only managed to tell me the current time, a tip would be possible to be able to put the npc to tell me in a chatroom the hours left for the woe to start? Thanks a lot. This is the code that I have put OnInit: while( 1 ){ delwaitingroom; waitingroom ""+gettimestr( "%H:%M:%S %p",21 ),0; sleep 1000; } end; Thanks so much!
  4. Hello everyone! I am trying to change Woe's Schedule, this is the text I have put, but I don't know how to modify it, it helps !! Thank you all very much, you are a great community! :D Gods of Ragnarok The ideal would be from 11 at night to 12 :D thanks OnClock2100: //start time for Tuesday and Thursday OnClock2300: //end time for Tuesday and Thursday OnClock1600: //start time for Saturday OnClock1800: //end time for Saturday OnAgitInit: // starting time checks if((gettime(DT_DAYOFWEEK)==TUESDAY) && (gettime(DT_HOUR)>=21 && gettime(DT_HOUR)<23) || (gettime(DT_DAYOFWEEK)==THURSDAY) && (gettime(DT_HOUR)>=21 && gettime(DT_HOUR)<23) || (gettime(DT_DAYOFWEEK)==SATURDAY) && (gettime(DT_HOUR)>=16 && gettime(DT_HOUR)<18)) { if (!agitcheck()) { AgitStart; callsub S_DisplayOwners; } end; } // end time checks if ((gettime(DT_DAYOFWEEK)==TUESDAY) && (gettime(DT_HOUR)==23) || (gettime(DT_DAYOFWEEK)==THURSDAY) && (gettime(DT_HOUR)==23) || (gettime(DT_DAYOFWEEK)==SATURDAY) && (gettime(DT_HOUR)==18)) { if (agitcheck()) { AgitEnd; callsub S_DisplayOwners; } end; } end;
  5. Hello everyone! I've been looking for information on how to remove this icon for almost 4 hours, and I'm afraid that none of the options I've read have helped me to remove it, I've deleted the townsinfo file, I've also removed the SignBoardList.lub file but the emoticon still doesn't disappear , here you have the screen, thank you very much gods of Ragnarok
  6. Hello everyone, when I try to open the skillstree the game crashes and closes without any error, I have read in other posts that updating the skillfonz can be fixed , I have downloaded and applied this data but it still does not solve the problem: :( skillinfoz(2).rar I am currently using version 2018-06-20, the server will be pre-renewall without 3 jobs. I think that having the data in the skillfonz updated to 3 job, is it possible that I get the error? Help ! Thank you all
  7. Hello everyone! Do you know if there is any specific or recommended Host to be able to make the server online? And the last question, do you know how much bandwidth is consumed by each user that enters the server? thank you very much
  8. Hello everyone! Do you know if it is possible to deactivate the quests that come by default in the Rathena client? I'm trying to access warps that require quest with @go but it won't let me ... thank you all very much!
  9. Hello very good, I am trying to change the loading screen of the Ragnarok client, do you know how I can make the image change, for me and for other users? thank you very much
  10. Hello good, I would like to know how I can put in an npc that the items that I sell are refined + 7, thank you very much This is the code that I have put prontera,140,169,4 itemshop Poring Shop Equipo 125,7539,1230:400,1266:300{
  11. Do I need to create the Poring Coin file in the SQL database? or just putting in the custom folder is it okay? I have managed to get the npc poring shop to change items for free cash at the moment but I still can't get it to be for Poring Coins, the code so that it can be bought for Poring Coins is itemshop? thank you very much
  12. Could you explain to me in more detail the parameters of this code that you have set? thanks location datafile? name sprite Poring Coid id ? ? ? ? prontera,155,185,5 itemshop NPC_NAME 4_M_CHAMPSOUL,ITEM_ID,1187:100,1281:30
  13. Hello good, I am trying to put an npc that sells objects in exchange for poring coins, do you know what is the code to implement this type of npc? I have tried to copy the code of the dealer tool but I cannot change the currency from npc to Poring Coin. thank you very much This is the npc Code: prontera,159,165,4 script Poring Shop 556,{ mes "[Poring Shop]"; mes "Bienvenido a mi Tienda"; mes "Aqui vas a poder utilizar tus Poring Coins para comprar todo tipo de objetos"; next; switch(select("Consumibles:Equipo:Cartas:Aspectos")) { close2; case 1: callshop "Consumibles", 1; end; case 2: callshop "Equipo", 1; end; case 3: callshop "Cartas", 1; end; case 4: callshop "Aspectos", 1; end; } } //shops - shop Consumibles -1,601:60,602:300,506:40,547:3000,545:300,645:1000,656:1500,657:3000,1065:100,522:8500,505:5000,610:5000,12020:1000,523:500,713:500,12070:15000,14579:15000,12045:15000,12050:15000,12055:15000,12060:15000 - shop Equipo -1,985:50000,984:50000,715:600,717:600,716:600,999:5000,1000:5000,990:5000,991:5000,992:5000,993:5000,994:20000,995:20000,996:20000,997:20000,1025:2000,612:2000,613:3000,614:5000,615:10000,970:10000,929:5000,1059:5000 - shop Cartas -1,1750:2,1751:3,1766:50,1767:30,1755:5,1754:5,1761:30,1752:3,1759:30,1765:50,1764:50,1753:20,1756:5,1757:5,1758:30 - shop Aspectos -1,13250:4,13252:20,13253:40,13254:100,2117:10000,7522:150,7523:150,7524:300 - Inglés
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