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  1. Is it possible to separate skill restriction in 2 WOE versions? I would like to disable leap on WOE 2.0 and have it enable in WOE 1.0. Need help with this one. Thank you in advance
  2. Is it possible to include the monster in BB like Thanatos, FBH,KIel, etc.. but they will not drop Cards? Can it be separated example scenario, If I hunt FBH in the map where he respawns I can get a card if i'm lucky But if it was summoned using BB CARD drop would be none existent?
  3. Anyone here knows shatowolf? I hired him as my dev, but for some reason he's MIA. I really need help but to no avail. Please Deltee this if i posted it incorrectly
  4. How to know if it is enable in my server, I would like to enable it so players can access the quest, not to sure if where to post this so my apologies, and btw Please Help me!!!!
  5. Nice OVH din tlaga 1st choice ko, regarding naman sa startup, any recommendations sir na pwede ko gawin, Boss ikaw po ba baka nag seservice po kau para makabuo ako server
  6. Plan ko sana mag bukas ng 255/120 highrate server any reliable hosting na pwde nyo ma irecommend, ano mas maganda ung may ready to run na or from scratch gagawin? patulong naman mga lodibels
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