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  1. Status gstorage where saved?

    It's not a problem with NPC, but with script command guildopenstorage() and GM command #gstorage. Sometimes when a guild member want acces to guild storage, theses commands don't works and guildopenstorage() return 1, like someone is already using the storage, but nobody use guild storage. Translate with Google Translate. Sorry about my english...
  2. Status gstorage where saved?

    Same problem, and #gstorage command don't works. rAthena Revision : 17459 Pre-Re
  3. help delete timer error

    Me too. r17459 delete_timer error : function mismatch 0x4a5190(npc_timerevent) != 0x573670(unit_teleport_timer) delete_timer error : function mismatch 0x571390(unit_walktoxy_timer) != 0x573670(unit_teleport_timer)