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  1. I use pre-r. I tried to do this topic alike. My server is 255/70. No matter where I change the maximum received HP percentage, it seems fixed.
  2. The sword appears for all. And I wish it worked only on the trap skill.
  3. Keep the buff. I tried to remove those changes and still continue to lose the skills.
  4. status.cpp: 7456 my review: struct status_data *status_get_status_data(struct block_list *bl) { nullpo_retr(&dummy_status, bl); switch (bl->type) { case BL_PC: return &((TBL_PC*)bl)->battle_status; case BL_MOB: return &((TBL_MOB*)bl)->status; case BL_PET: return &((TBL_PET*)bl)->status; case BL_HOM: return &((TBL_HOM*)bl)->battle_status; case BL_MER: return &((TBL_MER*)bl)->battle_status; case BL_ELEM: return &((TBL_ELEM*)bl)->battle_status; case BL_NPC: return ((mobdb_checkid(((TBL_NPC*)bl)->class_) == 0) ? &((TBL_NPC*)bl)->status : &dummy_status); default: return &dummy_status; } } github: int status_get_class(struct block_list *bl) { nullpo_ret(bl); switch( bl->type ) { case BL_PC: return ((TBL_PC*)bl)->status.class_; case BL_MOB: return ((TBL_MOB*)bl)->vd->class_; // Class used on all code should be the view class of the mob. case BL_PET: return ((TBL_PET*)bl)->pet.class_; case BL_HOM: return ((TBL_HOM*)bl)->homunculus.class_; case BL_MER: return ((TBL_MER*)bl)->mercenary.class_; case BL_NPC: return ((TBL_NPC*)bl)->class_; case BL_ELEM: return ((TBL_ELEM*)bl)->elemental.class_; } return 0; } That part of the skill I already got. Now I need to know how to make this change above and where it makes the most changes.
  5. The emulator started to crash and crash the map-server. I used GDB and got the following information... The status.cpp and skill.cpp files for analysis are appended to the topic. If anyone can help me I will be very grateful please. This is very urgent! skill.cpp status.cpp
  6. When i am a paladin and use skill AUTOGUARD and REFLECT and change to a different shield the ability comes out. How to adjust this?
  7. It did not work here. I switched and the attack cursor still appears.
  8. I would like to change the traps. During the War the attack cursor appears on the traps. I would like the mouse to stay normal and avoid "miss click". Can someone help me?
  9. Yeah, you would not get stuck in the trap. You fall into the trap you use jump and exit it.
  10. Hello, I would like to modify the ability for the Leap (Taekwon/High Jump) to jump the traps. Can someone help me please?
  11. Thank you @maken06 Can someone help me with the Elemental Converter?
  12. Well I would like to change the Martyr's Reckoning ability so it would not hit the user under the effect of Cicada Skin Sheeding. The other problem is that the user by enchanting the weapon with any Sinx property while changing one of the daggers loses the element.
  13. How to add reward to the losing team? I tried with the help of this topic but I could not, can anyone help me?