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  1. Can You Help Me Level 5 EDP 197 Will Became 196 If I Will Cast EDP -1 Thank You
  2. How To Add eAmod In phpmyadmin because its error i will add the SQLADDONS? in phymyadmin?
  3. help me how to configure eAmod like in rathena
  4. can you help me shadow jump delay ? then lvl 1 highjump is too low then asura strike final strike delay target skill failed i cant asura fast the punching bag / star glad fsk its like endure i cant see the foot thnk you
  5. good morning patulong naman paano bumilis ung shadow jump kpg nag hide ako delay ung shadow jump salamat tapos kpg nag aasura ako sa punching bag d tinatamaan ng asura agad dpt kog nag aasura tinatamaan agad agad