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  1. Hi guys, I've read some of the existing questions regarding the default location of the default server announcement but i didn't see any posts regarding the default location, do you guys have any idea what exact folder it might be? thank you!
  2. @Dark Lunacy Wow I'll try this now!!! Ill let you know after
  3. Thank you! and thank you for sending the link. Appreciate it.
  4. Do you guys have any idea what font used in the word Brasil? Thank you!!
  5. Btw here's the tutorial the helped me add my ssl on my apache YoutubeVideo Another tutorial Thanks!!
  6. So for the godaddy user with different hosting like mine, I am using an apache for my fluxcp What I did was, Added a new "A" record, + my IP and then 600 TTL. All you have to do now is to wait, hope it helps!!!
  7. I already got my ssl cert(keys and stuffs), do you have any idea how can I install it on my apache debian?
  8. Update: @Zack- I got it working!! I also got the keys but i am not sure where to upload the certificates, is it on my godaddy? or on fluxCP? Thank you!
  9. Thanks for this @zack- I have question, I am using a VPS as well to host my fluxcp, do you have any idea where is my public_html folder is? I can't seem to find it. Btw I tried created a .well-known folder here but it's not working.
  10. Hi there! Do you guys have any idea on how to add SSL cert on fluxcp? I used a domain from godaddy.com. I tried the following: https://www.sslforfree.com/ I did all of the instructions written from this site but i can't seem to make it work, you guys have any suggestions or advices for SSL cert on my fluxcp? Thank you so much in advance.
  11. Please disregard this post, I found a solution. Thanks!!!!!!
  12. Hi there! Do you have any idea how to connect my fluxcp to my go daddy domain? I tried searching for stuffs and past posts but it's still not connecting. What I did earlier was, First I edited the A record and used my "@" as my host, I also added my website ip. But when i type my domain it only shows error Not Found HTTP Error 404. The requested resource is not found. After that, I tried adding a new AAAA record and I used "@" as my host and I tried putting my website ip (which is my current domain for my fluxcp right now and it's says that Enter a valid 128-bit/IPv6 address) Thanks in advance!
  13. Thanks for this, this is for the account id right. what I mean is to create an ADMIN account. like the one with the admin sprite costume, + the yellow chat text.
  14. @Mabuhay i've asked and paid someone to built it but sad to say sir i think he is pretty busy right now. can you point or teach me where to edit it on phpMyAdmin? Thank you so much
  15. Thank you for the quick response @Mabuhay I wanted to create another gm account so I really need to edit my grf files right? What is the proper way to edit it? I mean do I need to edit it on my main server? which is on digital ocean? Sorry for the confusion.
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