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  1. Hello all, Please, see if you guys can help me or if I need to suggest some changes to Delitem3 command. I'm trying to delete and item without random options, and giving it back the exactly same item with random options. I'm using Delitem2 to delete the item in question and using Getitem3 to give it back with the random options. Ok, thats is good. BUT I came across a scenario that deletes an item WITH random options and is giving it back again with different random options. How? Well, I have 2 Great bows, one has random options and the other don't. When I use Delitem2 i'm deleting the wrong great bow (the one with the random options) and I'm giving it back to the player with different random options according to my system. Basically giving the item a reroll for it's random options. What I tried doing was using Delitem3 putting no info on the random options arrays, like this: delitem3 <Great bow ID>, 1, 1, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0; IT CRASHES, I need to inform the random options of the item. But if I do I can't delete the other Great bow which doesn't have random options. Can someone help me how to solve this without using the getequipid / delequip ? I'm trying to make a system so I can use the items on the inventory, not only the items equipped. Thanks!!
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