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  1. Just a theory, but this could be caused by a combination of low MATK + enemy high MDEF. - Are you on Renewal? - Is your HW Kathryne modified in any way? - How much MATK does the caster have?
  2. Good afternoon. Among many new skills and skill remakes I plan to do for my personal single-player localhosted adaptation of RO, I am really lost regarding how to implement some of them. The first one I'm wanting to tackle is one of the apparently simpler ones. Also, pardon for eventual bad writing, and mistakes on common rA terminology; after a few years away from the RO scene I am a bit rusty. So, I humbly request help, and if possible, code, for the following skill: Paint the Wall - Gunslinger class skill meant to be used with pistols. When used, checks if the character already has the Paint the Wall statuschange/buff. If not, applies the Paint the Wall buff to the caster, which starts with a counter of 12 ("12 loaded bullets" so to say, unrelated to coins) and that's it until the caster casts Paint the Wall again. Else, If the caster already has the buff applied, reduces counter by 1, then finds the enemy closest to the caster and shoots at it. Skill must fail if no target is found, or if line of shooting is obstructed by something from the map (walls, etc). When Paint the Wall buff counter hits 0, the buff is dispelled. Thank you very much, the help would be really appreciated! *(And would help making my quarantine days better too <3)*
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