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  1. I've been trying for a while now. I can place the default weapons around a map and generate a new map txt file for weapons to spawn, for my server. That works. I can make a pile of guns no problem and it shows up when I join the server. But if I add custom weapons they never show up. I'm able to add the custom guns in sandbox mode and generate the config but then if I add that to my maps folder on the server and then join the server it's empty where the guns are supposed to be. I've tried putting the addon for the gun in the server's addon folder. I've watched every video I can find and followed the instructions. I'm wondering if it's a name issue. Like if I call a weapon 'zapper' in the weapon placer and put it on the map and generate a config in sanbox, that config says 'zapper' next to the xyz coordinates. But how would my server know what is? That being said, I don't know how to find out what the official name is for a weapon. Like a map only has one name but like a gun could have multiple names. Could be weapon_gun, ttt_weapon_gun, ttt_gun, etc. Any help would be appreciated. Mywifiext