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  1. why Guillotine Cross JobChange NPC scripts not in the trunk?
  2. Done! thankx a lot guys.. now I can use Lord of Vermillion!
  3. i ive change it and it generate character size error.. and i cant create new har as well
  4. Copied Skill didnt showed on skill window... cant use the last skill use on me.. whats the problem?
  5. ure using IRo client. Try to download official kRO installer. it already have new Izlude inside.
  6. Kagerou/Oboro spite wont load. (it load novice sprite)
  7. WoW! tHanks Emistry. this really helpful
  8. starkBastard

    NPC ID

    Where I can locate the NPC's id?
  9. thanks but Ive try to change the name of the file...and put on the same location.. but it still didnt work. when i log in.. the robe still the same. ive put them both in myData.grf and the official data.grf but the robe still the same.
  10. change your data.INI to 0=YOURDATA.grf 1=data.grf 2=sdata.grf