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  1. correct the true intention i was thinking was to make a global event happen, but when the event starts it disables all the mobs on the map chosen. then proceeds to start the global event by spawning NPCs and different monsters for x minutes. Once the event is done it reverts back to the normal map. kind of like how archeage does their world bosses
  2. does anyone know of a way to stop all of the mobs spawning on a map for x amount of time? I did some digging and didnt find anything specific inrelation to my question so I thought i'd make a thread. Please don't crucify me if this is a simple answer. I'm just a pleb. IE: disable all monsters on prt_fild08 for 45 mins.
  3. is it possible to imitate mob HP display? IE: hover over a player and see their HP bar was trying to figure out if it was possible to turn numbers off for PVP interactions and make it so that when targeting a player you would only be able to see their remaining HP. similar to how GVG/WoE works
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