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  1. Agora que o Mob_Drop se juntou com a Mob_DB não estou conseguindo adicionar alguém poderia me dar uma luz? Sei que e necessario por RandomOptionGroup porém não sei o que adicionar a frente Now that Mob_Drop joined with Mob_DB I'm not able to add someone could you help me? I know it's needed by RandomOptionGroup but I don't know what to add in front
  2. Acho que isso pode te ajudar. https://github.com/rathena/rathena/blob/master/npc/re/merchants/cash_trader-idRO.txt
  3. https://ragnatool.blogspot.com/2021/06/datas-antigas-para-old-times.html
  4. I don't know what to put in front of Knife to have random options.
  5. This error has been occurring, But I couldn't fix someone could help me? //===== rAthena Script ======================================= //= WoE Rewards by Mastagoon //===== Description: ========================================= //= This script rewards players for each minute spent on WoE castle. //===== Featrures: =========================================== //= This script rewards players for each minute spent on WoE castle. //===== Current Version: ===================================== //= 1.0 //===== Featuers: ============================================ //= Can reward players for every minute they spend inside a WoE castle //= Can reward players for every kill in WoE castle, and will also display the name of the killed/killer. //= Excludes AFK players and players who are not in a guild. //= Announces kills with different colors depending on the killer's castle //= Can set a modifier for certain classes to gain more points than others //============================================================ function script getcharid2 { [email protected] = query_sql("select char_id, party_id, guild_id, account_id, clan_id from `char` where name = '"+getarg(1)+"'",[email protected],[email protected],[email protected],[email protected],[email protected]); if([email protected] < 0) return 0; if(getarg(0)==0) return [email protected]; else if(getarg(0)==1) return [email protected]; else if(getarg(0)==2) return [email protected]; else if(getarg(0)==3) return [email protected]; else if(getarg(0)==4) return [email protected]; return 0; } - script woerewards -1,{ function AddPlayer { //player name , npc name for ([email protected] = 0 ; [email protected] < getvariableofnpc(.player_amount,getarg(1)) ; [email protected] += 3) if (getvariableofnpc(.players$[[email protected]],getarg(1)) == getarg(0)) return; setarray getvariableofnpc(.players$[getvariableofnpc(.player_amount,getarg(1))],getarg(1)) , getarg(0) , strcharinfo(3) , "0"; set getvariableofnpc(.player_amount,getarg(1)) , getvariableofnpc(.player_amount,getarg(1)) + 3; return; } OnInit: setarray .maps$ ,"schg_cas03", "prtg_cas01"; //maps where the system is active .points_per_minute = 1; //number of points earned for each minute you spend in the castle for ([email protected] = 0 ; [email protected] < getarraysize(.maps$) ; [email protected]++) if (!getmapflag(.maps$[[email protected]],mf_loadevent)) setmapflag .maps$[[email protected]],mf_loadevent; .s_idle_time = 180; // time before player is considered idle (in seconds) .rewardId = 909; // ID of the reward item .announce = 0; // Announce kills (0 = no announcement, 1 = map announcement, 2 = global announcement) .color_defenders$ = "0xffff00"; // Announcement color when a defending player kills an attacking player .color_attackers$ = "0x99ccff"; // Announcement color when an attacking player kills a member of the castle's owner .kill_reward = 1; // Amount of points earned for every kill, set to 0 to disable it setarray .class_modifier[0],4063,3,4076,2; // Modifier for certain classes [Id, Modifier, Id, Modifier....] if(agitcheck() || agitcheck2()) initnpctimer; end; OnAgitStart: [email protected]$ = "DELETE from `char_reg_num` WHERE `key` = 'woepoints' OR `key` = 'woedeaths' OR `key` = 'woekills' OR `key` = 'woedamage' OR `key` = 'woeempbreak'"; query_sql([email protected]$); addrid(0); woepoints = 0; detachrid(); initnpctimer; end; OnPCLoadMapEvent: if(!agitcheck() || !getcharid(2)) end; for ([email protected] = 0 ; [email protected] < getarraysize(.maps$) ; [email protected]++) { if (.maps$[[email protected]] == strcharinfo(3)) { if(!woepoints) { dispbottom "You've entered a WoE castle map, you will gain rewards for each minute you spend in this castle."; } AddPlayer(strcharinfo(0),strnpcinfo(0)); } } end; OnTimer10000: //will check every ten seconds if player is still on the map freeloop (1); for ([email protected] = 0 ; [email protected] < .player_amount ; [email protected] += 3) { if (!attachrid(getcharid2(3,.players$[[email protected]]))) { deletearray .players$[[email protected]],3 ; .player_amount -= 3; } else if(strcharinfo(3) != .players$[[email protected]+1]) { deletearray .players$[[email protected]],3 ; .player_amount -= 3; } } for ([email protected] = 0 ; [email protected] < .player_amount ; [email protected] += 3) { if(checkidle() < .s_idle_time) { // no points for idle players setarray .players$[[email protected]+2] , ""+(atoi(.players$[[email protected]+2]) + 1)+""; if (atoi(.players$[[email protected]+2]) >= 6) { if(attachrid(getcharid2(3,.players$[[email protected]]))) { woepoints += .points_per_minute; dispbottom "You've spent one minute in WoE and gained a WoE point." dispbottom "Total points earned: +woepoints; setarray .players$[[email protected]+2] , "0"; } } } } initnpctimer; freeloop(0); end; OnPCKillEvent: if(!agitcheck() || !getcharid(2) || !.kill_reward) end; if(inarray(.maps$,strcharinfo(3)) == -1) end; dispbottom "You've recieved "+.kill_reward+" Points for killing "+rid2name(killedrid); woepoints += .kill_reward; [email protected]$ = getcharid(2) == getcastledata(strcharinfo(3),CD_GUILD_ID) ? .color_defenders$ : .color_attackers$; if(.announce == 1) announce "[WoE]: "+strcharinfo(0)+" Has Killed "+rid2name(killedrid),bc_all,[email protected]$; if(.announce == 2) mapannounce strcharinfo(3),"[WoE]: "+strcharinfo(0)+" Has Killed "+rid2name(killedrid),bc_map,[email protected]$; end; OnPCDieEvent: if(!agitcheck() || !getcharid(2)) end; if(inarray(.maps$,strcharinfo(3)) == -1) end; dispbottom "You've been killed by "+rid2name(killerrid); end; OnPCLogoutEvent: if(!agitcheck() && !agitcheck2()) woepoints = 0; end; OnAgitEnd: stopnpctimer; //participation rewards. [email protected]$ = "SELECT `char_id`, `value` FROM `char_reg_num` WHERE `key` = 'woepoints'"; query_sql([email protected]$,[email protected], [email protected]); for([email protected] = 0; [email protected] < getarraysize([email protected]); [email protected]++) { [email protected] = inarray(.class_modifier, Class) > -1 ? .class_modifier[inarray(.class_modifier, Class)+1] : 1; [email protected] = [email protected][[email protected]]; [email protected]$ = "[WoE Rewards]"; [email protected]$ = "Rewards"; [email protected]$ = "You've recieved a reward for participating in war of emperium.\nTotal Participation Time:"; setarray [email protected][0],.coinid; setarray [email protected][0], [email protected][[email protected]] * [email protected]; mail [email protected],[email protected]$,[email protected]$,[email protected]$,[email protected],[email protected],[email protected]; } end; }
  6. I wanted a script to spawn a monster after x amount of the map is killed. For example for every 10000 monsters killed in gef_fild10 a global appears on the map and spawns a Lord of Orcs randomly across the map.
  7. There are several causes for me, for example, when I migrated from 2019 to 2020 my haxed it closed but it didn't give an error, I replaced the textures of my date by textures from KRO and it solved. There may also be Luafiles that may not be haxed-compatible. It could also be your emulator that is not compiled with Haxed.
  8. Not RE it is mostly used on test servers like Sakray, while non-RE is used on both Renewal and Old Times servers. If it keeps crashing, it's probably something in your ragnarok folder from some dll to the data folder, Try to get the dlls from KRO and add them to see if it solves. 2018-06-21aRagexe_patched.exe
  9. It could probably be your date that is not Haxed-compatible. Try using this one and see if it stops crashing https://github.com/llchrisll/ROenglishRE
  10. Well could someone help me at Hexed 2020? For example in 2019 it is in Portuguese, However using the same date with 2020 it is in English. 2019-05-30: It remains the name "Sacerdote" 2020-03-04: But with the same date in 2020 is Priest. (same luafiles)
  11. I didn't know, I fixed the message. It really works I tested 2020-01-30 and it didn't work but I tested it on haxed 2020-03-04 and it worked. Thank you very much.
  12. I'll try, I'm using Hexed 2019. Thanks o/
  13. On several servers that I played the wings make the movement as if they were beating but on my server they stay still and make some movement only when I'm walking. On my server it looks like this: And it should be like this:
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