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  1. it worked... it turns out i was adding the ids to jobidentity instead of npcidentity -__- thanks!!
  2. i haven't tried it yet but will do soon. may i ask what client version are you using? i'm supposing it's 2018 06 21? i just wanna make sure so i follow the same steps
  3. ohh... did you manage to use custom sprites for the mobs with 2018-06-21 too? because obviously i could use gravity sprites with custom stats but that's not really the thing i'm aiming for.
  4. Hello so i was reading through this guide and seemingly followed it to the letter though i couldn't make the client work as i had a lot of lua errors. then after a bit of research i found that 2018 clients aren't compatible with the "custom jobs" patch though i'm not sure if this is related. could someone tell me if i'm doing something wrong or should i just downgrade my client? thanks in advance!