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  1. Wow !! It's perfect. That's more than the script I wanted Thank you very much I was impressed with your letters. I'm sorry, can I ask you one more question? how can i this script Timer 10 min ?
  2. wow !! very good !! +A+♥ Awesome !! Thank you very much !!
  3. I was very impressed with your answer. Let's run this script
  4. Thank you very much !! pajodex +_+;; But it only moves once at first, then it does not work because there is no "Attached" connection I looked up script_command in the doc folder and it did not work
  5. Thx for your answer I just want to make a NPC following for 10 minutes. I wonder how it is possible? I want to make sure I follow it for a fixed amount of time.
  6. I want npc to follow my character after the conversation A script that can write buffs or open a warehouse as needed Can anyone do this? I used to see the "Dedicated Poring" script, which was problematic. Please help me :D
  7. link broken... i want this map can you give me the new link ? please~ THX
  8. 안녕하세요 I want to know how to use "Lua & Lub" file oh !! i found iteminfo_sak.lua file. but .. my client is not reading this files... OMG..
  9. First of all, I have difficult English. I am Korean and I am studying Athena. I want to implement the look of the item. 18510 in the itemdb file I could not implement this How is it possible? Please ask for help please .. T ^ T ;;
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