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  1. Hey guys, whats'up? I want to disable the aura lvl (i'll explain how i'll do it on the bottom of the post) and turn it into a custom costume item. I'm making a server that will have 5~6 tiers of mastery, then i want to give an aura to who achieve the max lvl of each one. My plan is to use the transcended aura (ring_blue.tga and it's movement) in diffrente colors for each mastery. First, my knowledge at sprites is nearly zero. So, i don't know how to turn a .tga file into a .spr. After that, i think i need a .act file too, right? Can somebody help me with it? My plan is to set the min lvl for aura higher then the max lvl of the server, so when one player hit the max lvl of a certain mastery, he'll get a costume item that will give him a coloured aura and it won't merge with the aura lvl. I want it to look like this: Each mastery will have a different color.
  2. Someone knows how to make turn those auras into costume items?
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