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  1. Is there a way to data mine a server like there mob skill, packet,etc.?
  2. Hi guys, Any update/packet update for these two feature of the episode 18,1? 1. Item Reform System https://hazyforest.com/equipment:item_reform#recipes 2. Enchantment System https://hazyforest.com/equipment:enchantment_system Thanks for the response,
  3. yes exactly like that..like i can summon it where ever I am...same the booster NPC dunno bro, but is this is for fixed location NPC, right?
  4. Hi guys, Anyone knows how to summon a NPC next to my character which only me can see it (just a Dummy NPC) and destroy it after a certain dialog and script? Thanks in advance,
  5. Hi guys, Since it impossible to make a Random Options for the vicious weapon coz it will take a lot of memory in item_randomopt_group.txt. Is there a way to delete newly looted items/vicious weapon? I like to combine it with OnPCLootEvent and Vicious Enchanter script.
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