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  1. Okay, thanks. Any ideia where this error comes from? Still waiting...
  2. Hi guys, First of all, which .SQL files should I input on my Phpmyadmin database? I know the schemas folder has alot of them, also the charmapdb. Everything seems to be good, besides this error message whenever I try to register an account: I think it's related to the SQL I told above, I've search for a tutorial which can explains better those instructions, I didn't find any. It would be great to know, so I can even create a video about setting FluxCP up because sometimes it's a pain the neck. Thanks, Aeon Shadows.
  3. Will FluxCP work properly even with my eAthena server? I heard it should work with Hercules instead. Also, I do have it installed on my XAMPP's htdocs folder, still no config.php could be found or even access any other file to set flux cp up. And Rynbef, where can I modify this /chmod?
  4. Hi guys, I've done the whole thing about setting the Ceres CP up. After the the config.php file was created successfully so I've moved it to the main folder as said and renamed the install folder (I've tried to delete it as well). From now on, once my CP is set, it should called the main page of it, right? But whenever I go to a blank screen appears. I use XAMPP and the database cp and cerescp is both created over there. Any idea how it should work?
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