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    Registration: for GMs!New Server!New Client!Episode 16.1Charleston CrisisCentral LaboratoryThe Last RoomSarah and FenrirJitterbugAirship AssaultBios IslandMorse CaveTemple of Demon GodFaceworm Queen’s NestGMT, HTF, ET, OGH & much more!Rebellion/Kagerou/Oboro/Doram SummonerBattlegroundsShadow GearsAutomated Hourly Daily EventsBase Exp: 100x Job Exp: 100x Drop Rate: 15x Quest Exp: 25xEquip Drop: 25x Card Drop: 25x MVP Equip Drop: 25x MVP Card Drop: 25xMax Base Lvl: 175 Max Job Lvl: 60 Max Stats: 130 Max ASPD: 193More info: to see you soon!