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  1. BlazingYoukai

    Custom Mob Issue

    Hello all, I'm having a problem related to create new mobs. I wanted to make Eleanor a mob in order to add an option to transform on her using an item (something like zaha doll or the fox ears). So I've made a copy of her act and spr files, renamed and stuffed it at the monster sprites folder, i've added an entry for her into the jobname.lub like this (jobtbl.JT_ELEANOR] = "eleanor"), and an entry on both jobidentity.lub and npcidentity.lub like this (JT_ELEANOR = 3974,), after that i've added her at the mob_db using Tokei's server database editor under the same id, "3974". So ok, i boot the server and the client, i can do @mobinfo of it and it shows the db entries normaly but as soon as i try to spawn it i get an error message of missing sprites, even though i've added it's info on the jobname.lub. Can someone give me a hand? thanks in advance :3 Edit: Never mind that i discovered that my rathena.grf was overwriting the lub files, now i managed to make it work XD
  2. Hello, first of all I would like to thank you for your work into making these files available as they are. So ok, i'm having some issues with the pack you've provided, for some unknow reason to me (i'm a newbie on this so XD) i'm not being able to load the palettes on most of the sprites, only the vanilla ones load but the rest look blacked out, like this: That's the mechanic class, and it happens to all other sprites, except geneticist, which is working normally: Another issue is that the sprites for RK, Wanderer, Sura, SC, Sorcerer and Mins aren't loading, whenever you try to use bodystyle 1 it says that it's not available to that class. I've read the coments on this topic trying to find a solution but i wasn't able to, I've read here that the classes need to be enabled on the dressroom lub file so i took a look on it and it's like this: This is a screen of my custom GRF where i've bundled my changes, it has the dressroom system, the sprites and palettes I got from you and some other things. As you can see it seems that they're enabled like the other working sprites, so i have no idea why they're not loading. Have a look on both Sprites and Palettes folders: And this is my data.ini load order: [Data] //1=rAthena2017PRE.grf // see readme.txt in PRERE/ folder 2=rAthena2017.grf 3=Custom.grf => This is where the sprites are. 4=data.grf 5=rdata.grf I'm using the 2015-11-04 client and the dressroom files i've got from here, got the latest file the v1.12. i've erased both sprites and palettes from this file and i've added your's over it. I've also tried to load your GRFs separately but i end up getting the same errors. So, could you kindlly give me a hand? Thanks is advance :3 Edit1: I've discovered that the vanilla palettes of the mado gear are blacked out while all the rest works fine. Edit2: I've moved my GRF to top and now the palettes are working (god why didn't i think about that earlier...) but the thing with the sprites are still the same, not loading.