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  1. Hey, I'm trying to make PF_MINBREAKER , SM_PROVOKE, SN_SHARPSHOOTING friendly during woe, found this from hercules forum http://herc.ws/board/topic/15669-sn_sharpshooting-focused-arrow-strike/#comment-86425 . I went for this : ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ if (src && (map[m].flag.gvg_castle || map [m].flag.gvg) && (battle_getcurrentskill(src) == SN_SHARPSHOOTING || battle_getcurrentskill(src) == SM_PROVOKE || battle_getcurrentskill(src) == PF_MINDBREAKER)) state |= BCT_ENEMY; state &= ~BCT_GUILD; ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ It isn't working, if someone could help me i would be grateful ^_^
  2. @Secrets Yup of course since I don't want renewal features, major problem I have on lastest rathena revision (for pre-renewal) is how magic interacts on land protector. I am pretty sure that it is not the same on older one. It'd be hard (for me at least) to edit that.
  3. @Secrets Hey, I would like to make a pre-re test server and from what I experimented (servers I played), lastest revisions of rathena would require more work than older revisions to make it looks like as pre-re mechanics. I don't wanna use eathena or eamod since rathena features are really interesting.
  4. Hello I am a newbie here! I would like to know if its possible (and how) to download older rathena version than it is on the github ? Thank you ^^
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