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  1. My patcher will definitely connect to server and I am able to play through the patcher, but my client does not receive any downloads from the patcher itself. Also, when the patcher is clicked, it won't generate any update.dat files. I'm using DigitalOcean as my VPS provider. config.ini main.ini ADDENDUM: Found the problem.
  2. Navigation Mob Editing

    I am trying to create a Revo server, and I decided to use the navigation system. Problem is, the info given is outdated or does not correspond to current changes. I went to navi_mob_krsak.lub to change the information given when you click the world map or any specific map inside the world map, but there are still some variables or tokens that I do not know what they stand for.
  3. GRF: GRF Editor

    I just tried to compress my data.grf file, but when I was able to do so and opened the game, this is what happened to my client: I got a blank screen and it crashed afterwards. Encoding: Default Format: 0x103 Compression Method: LZMA Edit: Fixed.
  4. Doram gets exp, but Humans don't!

    I just created a new RO private server for testing, but my human characters aren't getting exp. On the other hand, my Doram is getting experience. I recompiled several times, but no avail. Did I overcheck something or did I break something? Client Version: 2015-11-04a EXP TEST! EXP Configuration //-------------------------------------------------------------- // rAthena Battle Configuration File // Originally Translated by Peter Kieser <[email protected]> // Made in to plainer English by Ancyker //-------------------------------------------------------------- // Note 1: Value is a config switch (on/off, yes/no or 1/0) // Note 2: Value is in percents (100 means 100%) // Note 3: The max level of classes is stored in the exp table. // See files db/exp.txt and db/exp2.txt to change them. //-------------------------------------------------------------- // Rate at which exp. is given. (Note 2) base_exp_rate: 100 // Rate at which job exp. is given. (Note 2) job_exp_rate: 100 // Turn this on to allow a player to level up more than once from a kill. (Note 1) multi_level_up: no // Setting this can cap the max experience one can get per kill specified as a // % of the current exp bar. (Every 10 = 1.0%) // For example, set it to 500 and no matter how much exp the mob gives, // it can never give you above half of your current exp bar. max_exp_gain_rate: 0 // Method of calculating earned experience when defeating a monster: // 0 = uses damage given / total damage as damage ratio // 1 = uses damage given / max_hp as damage ratio // NOTE: Using type 1 disables the bonus where the first attacker gets // his share of the exp doubled when multiple people attack the mob. exp_calc_type: 0 // Experience increase per attacker. That is, every additional attacker to the // monster makes it give this much more experience // (eg: 5 people attack with 25 here, +(25*4)% -> +100% exp) exp_bonus_attacker: 25 Update: Fixed.