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    Simple MySQL Backup & Restore v1.1

    Hello guys,
    I would like to share one of my simple and small program that i used to backup SQL Database. I am new in making programs as i am learning it in school together with php, so i hope you guys can pardon my noob code. It been created to help my dad and brother to backup their mysql database remotely. Now i would like you guys to try it and give suggestions on the programs.
    The field in the programs need to be write manually as that is what my dad and brother requirements.
    This is the post about the previous version (Discussion Post)
    # The program have been updated to v1.1
    using .net 4.5 slightly change the way backup is save (using only .sql) added restore function with create database option (create database function will only create to a non-exist database) change how the connection been to the MySql server is made The guides will be updated later.
    Please try it and give suggestions for me to improve. You can contact me at [email protected]. If you guys like my work you can buy me a coffee so i can keep my money for my school 
    p/s : If you would like to take a look or use the source code, it been upload to github. Please comment about the source so i can improve the way i write the code. Thank you.
    SimpleMySql Github



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