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  1. Can someone make a battle royale like pubg event. *minimum of 20 players to start the game else all players will be warped back. Maximum of 60. *when they click the event npc they will be warp to prontera. *after 5 min of telling the rules of the game the items will be drop on random spots in prontera. Cards that modifies snipers atk and range, healing, backpack to increase weight, weapon, accessory, garment, armor, headgears, arrows etc. *all the item of the player will be automatically be put in storage. *player cant [email protected] *the weight of a player must be fixed, about 1000 weight then they cant loot anymore unless the got a backpack. *the only char that can join is sniper. If anyother class try to join they wont be warp or the npc will not entertain him. *the sniper only have DS, traps skills, and arrow shower. *they player who wins will receive reward automatically. Thanks.
  2. Thanks all for the reply. My friend already fixed it.
  3. Hi can someone help me with patching..diff? I dont know where to start. I am using a script called King of the hill, when the owner breaks the emp he can still break his emp eventhough they occupied the hill already. Thanks in advance!
  4. Hi I am using this Floating drop rate script. but when I type @mobinfo of a boss the boss cards and TCG and everything did not increase the drop rate. I just wanted it to be every Weekend it will increase droprate automatically. I am doing it manually everytime it gets to weekends. here is the script: // Author: _Okuz_ // Version: 1.0.2 - 20:40 14/10/2016 - script Weekend Floating Exp -1,{ OnInit: // Setup the rates you want to double here... setarray .server_conf$[0], "base_exp_rate", getbattleflag("base_exp_rate"), "job_exp_rate", getbattleflag("job_exp_rate"), "item_rate_common", getbattleflag("item_rate_common"), "item_rate_heal", getbattleflag("item_rate_heal"), "item_rate_use", getbattleflag("item_rate_use"), "item_rate_equip", getbattleflag("item_rate_equip"), "item_rate_card", getbattleflag("item_rate_card"), "item_rate_mvp", getbattleflag("item_rate_mvp"), "item_rate_adddrop", getbattleflag("item_rate_adddrop"), "item_rate_treasure", getbattleflag("item_rate_treasure"); // To force the event to run even if you have to shutdown your server for some reason... if (gettime(4) != 5 && gettime(4) != 6 && gettime(4) != 0) end; OnFri0000: // start double rates on Friday 00:00 if (!.active) callsub(S_changeRates, 2); end; OnMon0000: // stop double rates on Monday 00:00 callsub(S_changeRates, 1); end; // Arg(0): mult S_changeRates: set [email protected], getarraysize(.server_conf$); for (set [email protected], 0; [email protected] < [email protected]; set [email protected], [email protected] + 2) { setbattleflag .server_conf$[[email protected]], atoi(.server_conf$[[email protected] + 1]) * getarg(0); } set .active, !.active; atcommand "@reloadmobdb"; announce "[Event] : Rates " + (.active ? "increased" : "restored") + "!",bc_all,0xFF6060; return; } BTW, i want it to be x3 instead of x2 on the script. or if you have a better working script pls link it to me thanks!.
  5. No wonder it only works once then the next hour didnt activate. Thanks! btw, i was trying to mapflag the turbo_room which the NPC is located with no resurrection skill but i always failed to do so. THis is what i did. "turbo_room mapflag restricted 1" in restricted.txt "54,1 //Resu in" Skill_nocast_db.txt "turbo_room mapflag town" in town.txt.
  6. OnClock1800: OnClock0900: enablenpc strnpcinfo(0); end; OnClock2300: OnClock0400: disablenpc strnpcinfo(0); end; OnInit: enablenpc strnpcinfo(0); goto L_Start; if (gettime(3) >= 18 && gettime(3) < 23) disablenpc strnpcinfo(0); goto L_End; if (gettime(3) >= 04 && gettime(3) < 09) disablenpc strnpcinfo(0); goto L_End; end; L_End: announce "It's time for me to rest",bc_all; end; L_Start: announce "Boris is Back!",bc_all; end; I think we are good here! Thank you very much for your help Hismoon. i'll PM you if i saw any problems. BIG THANKS AGAIN!
  7. OnClock1800: OnClock0900: enablenpc strnpcinfo(0); end; announce "Boris is Back!",bc_all; OnClock2300: OnClock0400: disablenpc strnpcinfo(0); end; announce "It's time for me to rest",bc_all; OnInit: enablenpc strnpcinfo(0); if (gettime(3) >= 18 && gettime(3) < 23) disablenpc strnpcinfo(0); if (gettime(3) >= 04 && gettime(3) < 09) disablenpc strnpcinfo(0); end; This is what I've did. so from 6pm-11pm he will be disabled then 4am-9am disabled aswell. but the announcer is not working.
  8. How about if I want the players to pay zeny first before playing it?
  9. The players in my server are now addicted to RPSroulette lol. Some of them skipped WoE just to play it because my Jackpot is PODS! anyway, how about disabling NPC on a certain time example 8-10pm boris is disabled. then after 10pm he will return again.
  10. Thankyou so much ! you've been very helpful!!
  11. ohh ok isee, thats how # works. got it! so ill just remove it then. but do you think the script that i showed you will work?. like the goto L_1; then a msg will pop up "You had already received the jackpot."?
  12. PLAY: mes "Rock... Paper..."; set [email protected], rand(1,3); menu "^0000FFROCK!",-,"^FF0000SCISSORS!",SCISSORS,"^00FF00PAPER!^000000",PAPER; if (#JackPotWin == 1) goto L_1; if ([email protected] == 1) set [email protected], rand(1,3); if ([email protected] == 1) emotion e_rock; else if ([email protected] == 2) emotion e_scissors; else emotion e_paper; set [email protected],1; if ([email protected] == 1) goto SAME; if ([email protected] == 2) goto WIN; goto LOSE; L_1: mes "You had already received the jackpot."; emotion e_bzz; close; specialeffect EF_SUI_EXPLOSION; emotion e_omg; mes "*^0000FFClick^000000* *^FF0000BANG^000000*"; mes "OWWW @#$%^!! THAT HURT LIKE HELL!!"; next; set [email protected], rand(1,100); { if([email protected] < 2) { //Jackpot Prize 1% Win Announce "Crazy Boris: " + strcharinfo(0) + " has won the Jackpot Prize of 1 POD! ",bc_all; getitem 7179,1; set #JackPotWin,1; } else if([email protected] < 5) { // Conso Prize 5% win mes "Congratulations you won consolation prize!!"; switch(rand(6)) { case 1: getitem 7539,5; break; case 2: getitem 677,1; break; case 3: getitem 12103,1; break; case 4: getitem 7539,2; break; case 5: getitem 750,1; break; // 1x bapodoll case 6: getitem 7008,1; break; // 1x Stiff Horn I added this if (#JackPotWin == 1) goto L_1; L_1: mes "You had already received the jackpot."; emotion e_bzz; close;
  13. it's already announcing but the first few minutes it doesnt. additional question. can i use bc_all instead of 8? in "Crazy Boris: " + strcharinfo(0) + " has won the Jackpot Prize of 1 POD! ",8; ?
  14. Sorry this is kinda difficult for me especially the character variable you were saying. can you give me an example with char variable and where do i insert it in the jackpot prize? and about the announcement, someone already got the jackpot prize but there was no announcement going on.
  15. Thanks for fast reply!. its working!. Now im going to observe if the jackpot prize will be announce. Btw, how about if he already got the jackpot prize, how am i going to make him not play the NPC anymore? i mean he cant play the npc anymore.
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