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  1. Sryx has been absolutely fabulous to work with. I've been having issues with my server so I finally broke down and asked for help again. He was able to get our server up and running within a few short hours while pulling together some of the things from our old server. Any time I've run across a problem, he has been quick to respond and very pleasant to work with. (And I've managed to BREAK the server a few times somehow on accident. ) Any time I come to him with a problem, he can usually give me multiple ways to fix something or give me different options to help better understand what I'm asking for. He makes sure that you get exactly what you're requesting, even if it takes a few requests to understand each other completely. His prices are cheap for the quality of work he provides. 100% recommend his services to anyone needing assistance on making a new server or need something fixed on their current one. Thank you for all your help thus far and I look forward to continue to work with you in the future! ^^
  2. It's cute that you clearly didn't notice that I had said "I have searched and absolutely cannot find it' So thanks for being a troll
  3. So I've been looking for a simple script for players to automatically get a set of items upon logging into the game for the first time and I haven't been able to find what I'm looking for. I apologize if this ends up being a question that has been answered several times over.... We plan to use this script as one of our Launch Events. Each user has the ability to gain specific items upon logging in on Day 1 of our server Launch and a different set of items on Day 2. (Players that do not log in on Day 1 should not be able to get the items that are in that list, but rather only receive the items from Day 2) The script should also be IP based, meaning that once a player gets the item once on their IP, they are unable to get it again, regardless of logging in on a different account or character. What we're looking for is something along these lines: Upon player Login on Day 1, each player will automatically receive: 10 ID# 533, 5 ID# 610, 5 ID# 607, 10 ID# 6480, 1 ID# 20507. Upon Login on Day 2, each player will automatically receive: 1 ID# 19777, 10 ID# 6480 etc... Any help on this would be greatly appreciated! Thank you so much in advance!
  4. Thank you! This is much closer to what I was looking for! I tested it out and it works as far as using the proper amount of zeny. My only concern is that it seems that third job classes are not falling into the "advanced" classes section, so they are not requiring a card to reset... How do I add that to it as well?
  5. Sorry for the late reply. Thank you so much for the response. I tested you the script and it won't show up with the values of how much it will cost players to reset. The values show up as 0 zeny during the startup. Do you know how to get it to reflect the proper values? Or should I just take it out, as the values change depending on the level...
  6. Hello! I'm having the hardest time trying to figure out how to make a "choose from list" type of script. What I'm looking for is something similar to the mechanics of arrow crafting. What I would like to happen is when you talk to an NPC, they will ask for a card and some zeny. Any type of monster card can be used. (Poring, wolf, skeleton, etc) When the NPC asks "which card would you use", a list of all available cards in your inventory will pop up. (Similar to arrow crafting, where you use the skill and a list of useable items that are currently in your inventory show up. You choose the item, and then that item vanishes and is replace with arrows). I would like to use a list instead of @input ID because no one is going to know the ID of the card they want to use off the top of their heads. The list of currently available cards would be much easier. Can someone either make a script for me? Preferably with at least 3 card options already in it so I can add the rest of them myself (if it has to be a manual entry in the script of every card ID). As always any help is much appreciated! Thank you so much in advance!
  7. So I have looked around the forums and haven't quite found what I'm looking for in a reset NPC and it is a bit beyond my current scripting abilities. Would someone be able to make a script with the following criteria: Reset NPC: Base Level 1-49: 40,000 Zeny Base Level 50-89: 70,000 Zeny Base Level 90-99: 100,000 Zeny Transcendent (High Novice, High Archer, Sniper- etc): Base level 1-89: 1 mi zeny + Monster card (any random card drop. could range from a poring to an mvp card) Base level 90-99: 1.5 mil zeny + Monster Card My biggest problem so far has been trying to add in a card option, so any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you. :3
  8. We're looking for a script to implement treasure chests on random locations of field and dungeon maps. These chests should act similar to the ones found in Guild Castles but will be available at all times for players to grab. We would like to keep them limited to only be obtained once per character/account depending on the chest contents. For the moment I do not have each location we would like to place them, but we would like to be able to add additional ones in the future in new locations and add in different items to each one. As reference: Treasure Chest located on Prt_fild08: Items to be included "5441" drops at 20%, "607" 100% (Can be obtained once per character) White Ribbon Headband 20% & Yggdrasil Berry 100% Treasure Chest located on Prt_fild06: "607" drop 100%, "616" 50%, "5400" 60% (Can be obtained once per account) Yggdrasil Berry 100%, Old Card Album 50%, Fox Hat 60% Please let me know if you have any questions or clarifications. It makes complete sense in my head but I know that others may need clarification on specifics. I've seen similar things done in other servers I just can't find a script for it and my scripting skills are not quite up to par to create one myself. Thank you in advance for any help!
  9. Does anyone have an idea on how to fix this? Specifically which client configurations would need to be changed?
  10. Does anyone know how to add a players name to the arrows that they crafted? We would like arrows crafted by players to have their names attached to them, similar to player made alchemist potions and weapons forged by blacksmiths. I've seen this done in a few servers but am not quite sure how to go about adding it to mine. Any help is appreciated! Thank you!
  11. Cyro, do you know what configuration specifically would need to be changed? This is the first time I'm seeing this issue so I'm not sure where the config file is to mess with to change it.
  12. Wonderful, thank you so much for your help! That seemed to fix our problem!
  13. A little more information, when our players are whispering someone, when you send out a whisper, it will appear as "Marihna (813-309)" or something to that effect. Is there a way to delete that feature? Any help is appreciated! Thank you!
  14. So as the title says, we're having some issues on our server where when people alt-tab during a conversation with an NPC, when they return to the game the chat is now blank and your only option is to "close" the dialogue box. Does anyone have any idea how to fix this issue? It doesn't happen with every chat, but we've run into problems where it will sometimes happen when you're talking to someone with a quest and it will completely ruin that chunk of the questline. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  15. Cyro is absolutely fantastic. He helped me completely fix my website. Though we ran into a few complications because I was unaware of how things were originally set up, he has been very patient with me through the entire process. (As I have no clue what I'm doing when it comes to websites. I deal more with the client side of things.) The Website looks phenomenal, as well as the updated logo that he had edited for me. I definitely recommend him to anyone and everyone. His prices are more than fair and I already have a request in to get his help on a few other projects for our server. As previously stated by others, he definitely goes above and beyond with his customer service and his abilities. Thank you Cyro!
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