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  1. They're differences between (presumably) the source files and the modified version. If you're running Linux, you can use the 'patch' command; else there are plenty of tools available online to patch for you (try running a search online). Or you can just copy the lines manually -- lines marked with "-" are deleted, and lines with "+" are added.

  2. As Emistry wrote, if you intend these commands to be as expressive as SQL, they'll get very complicated. Then users would have to learn both SQL and your commands.

    And if anything, this seems like it would be even slower than direct queries...

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  3. 3. what does this suppose to mean?


    if (checkquest(20000) == 0 || checkquest(20000) == 1) { //Active.
    That's actually correct -- see the documentation. Quests can either have an 'active' or 'inactive' state, but it's started regardless. A newer (and less confusing) command is 'isbegin_quest'.
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