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  1. I did it yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees i will upload anything from time to time if someone is intereseted in a german old school ro with custom items etc. what ever he had a problem with view id 2000 i made it !9000 _blue_cat_hat and so on and it worked *EDIT* adding picture
  2. f..k you save my life LO_OL thanks a lot mate
  3. i dont need any hack protection its first just to make a offline server to play on with my family and translate anything in german if u have an renewal in full german ill take it but i didnt found any server
  4. i need full client data bgm dlls etc this are only exe data to diff right ? i found an old linux ragnarok EuRo client maybe i can make a diffed exe for it cus i wannt sometning around episode 10 or 13 without renewal i do it first on 2012 there u have to download sakexe and ragexe start both and download so u have full client and can add own grf and data but i am out to much time past but i wanna try to make an old classic server in german with no pre renewal patch only old stuff i surched the wole night all i found was dead links sadly and than i ask my self if i download a privat server client must be possible to make a own client from it i just need to figure out witch exe i have to diff O_O and with waht to make custom items custom aura and zoom etc
  5. Hallo würder gerne mal wieder ein Project starten und Deutschen classic Ro server basteln aber wirklich den alten ohne renewal kein pre patch wirklich altes Ragnarok so wie EuRo damals mit altem Menü usw nur rebirth Klassen 2.2 und die paar extra die es gab gunslinger super novice taekwon usw aber finde leider kein Client von damals und überhaupt die ganzen guten alten seiten alle down :C aber habe glaube ich schon mal alten server gefunden zumindest sieht es laut classen maps npcs so aus ^^ wäre cool wenn mit jemand helfen könnte und noch alte datein rum liegen hat oder Clients möchte auch gerne customs wieder basteln auf meinem stabel txt weiss glaube ich noch das ich gilden und player namen mit leerzeichen hatte custom items mehrfach zoom gepatch hatte in der exe
  6. hi guys got 2 errors first one is by cahed up the maps i get after error with admin npc map name by /where is [email protected] oO dunno why i cant talk to him in console is an error with cant find 'this' and 'map' [Debug]: Source (NPC): MVPtower Administrator#1 at [email protected] (50,50) [Debug]: mapindex_name2id: Map "this" not found in index list! [Error]: NPC event parameter depercated! Please use 'NPCNAME'::OnEVENT' instead of 'all' need help
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